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Ace the Technical Pilot Interview by Gary Bristow

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ADVANCE YOUR CAREER WITH THIS DYNAMIC TOOL FOR ACING THE TECHNICAL PILOT INTERVIEW Let an experienced airline pilot help you succeed on the Technical Pilot Interview. This one-of-a-kind study tool asks the right questions so you'll know the right answers. Open it and start learning what you need to know in order to get a powerful edge over the competition--at every stage of your piloting career. This unique study guide helps you: Get to know material likely to be asked on your interview Practice with almost one thousand exam-style questions, complete with answers Build confidence, skills, and knowledge Focus your study on what you need to know Can you answer these questions? If you were loading an aircraft to obtain maximum range, would you load it with a forward or aft center of gravity? Why does an aircraft climb as high as possible? Why does an aircraft descend quicker when it is lighter? What is a fail operational autopilot/landing system? What is an assumed/flexible temperature? Open this study guide for: Answers to almost 1000 questions you may be asked during the technical interview More than 50 illustrations to clarify key essential points Comprehensive coverage ranging from light aircraft to heavy jet operations A convenient quick-find, cross-referenced presentation Material that has global application Contents Abbreviations Chapter 1: Aerodynamics Chapter 2: Engines Chapter 3: Jet & Propeller Aircraft Differences Chapter 4: Navigation Chapter 5: Atmosphere and Speed Chapter 6: Aircraft Instruments and Systems Chapter 7: Performance and Flight Planning Chapter 8: Meteorology and Weather Recognition Chapter 9: Flight Operations and Technique Chapter 10: Human Performance Chapter 11: Type-Specific Questions Index Author Biography GARY V. BRISTOW (Surrey, England) is an airline pilot. His own interviewing experiences made him realize how valuable a book such as this would be in advancing a pilots career.

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